TACAWA Social Support Network

what we do

As a growing number of challenges faces our community the need for a platform emerged to address some of the major pain points experienced by the members of our community. The platform’s main mission is providing support, due diligence and years of community experience backed by a powerful network of individuals. Some of the most common challenges and respective platform services are:

new in town

Guiding newcomers for a faster period of accustoming to our region. This will include providing key information on:
School districts to make sure parents are equipped with the best information to choose the right education opportunity for their children.
Different neighborhoods to find local shops and entertainment for their needs and potential discounts offered by small businesses of our community.
Healthcare services to find best healthcare provider for routine and emergency situations.
Hosting dedicated events to welcome newcomers to our region

career advice and tips​

Immigration is not an easy journey especially concerning the job situation. This challenge is multi fold including areas like work visa: unfortunately this platform cannot directly offer a legal service to assist our community with their visa need. But we can:
Definitely connect you with the members of our community who will be happy to provide their expertise.
In addition, we can directly assist our members in their job hunt by guiding them about the system and coaching them on their journey to their dream job.

help with difficult times​

Although it is beyond our power to avoid some of these unfortunate events we can still:
Although it is beyond our power to avoid some of these unfortunate events we can still stand by our community and give them the much-needed support during these difficult times caused by natural disasters, heath problems or job loss etc.